4 Training courses to provide electricians with the knowledge for the correct procedures when working in various circumstances


15 Initial and Refresher training courses for the electrical industry.


24 Industry courses evolving around the work and safety operations in various conditions and locations.


has been structured to deliver all the VESI training requirements to enable a Civil Worker to gain authorisation to work on the VESI Distribution Networks.

Training Delivery

Training can be delivered at the venue of your choice, conducted on site or at our training facility and can take place at times convenient for you business operations.

Options available include, normal workday times, after hours (evenings or early starts before the days work) or weekends. Training can be grouped, or broken into smaller delivery sessions to fit in with individual and company requirements, maximising productivity and availability of personnel.

Student Handbook is available for participants to read about ETD’s services, policies and procedures. Please refer to “Resources/Student Handbook.

Competency Assessment

Competency assessments can be conducted against the suit of competencies listed in our scope of registration, to the requirements of the VESI Skills and Training Guidelines or Enterprise Specific competencies.

Assessments can be undertaken in the field completing maintenance or project work, or may be undertaken in a simulated training environment, where conditions can be controlled to suit the requirements of the individual, group or company and to achieve the desired outcome of the assessment exercise.

Workplace Procedure Audits

The audits are generally conducted in the field while employees are completing normal work activities for the company, ensuring that the work is completed in accordance with company and / or industry standards.

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development services incorporates the development and production of:

  • Module Descriptors
  • Trainer Delivery Guides
  • PowerPoint Presentation Packages
  • Learner Handout Material
  • Manuals
  • Assessment Instruments

This service is completed working closely with Training Managers and task specific experts from within the company requesting the work. This ensures course content, procedures and presentation are up to date and the assessment instruments are fair and valid and meet the company’s expectations. Where relevant, development is closely aligned to National Competency Standards.

Training Reports & Certificates

Where initial training is undertaken, certificates and / or Statements of Attainment are provided for successful participants and generally remain the property of the individual.

Where refresher training is undertaken, reports are provided detailing the subject, result and comments on the individual’s performance.

These certificates, statements of attainment and reports will be delivered to the employer for recording purposes. All Training Reports are provided in a Personal Report format making it easier for your record keeping while we record all results and store electronically for long term security. Re-issue of these records are available upon written request. Fees may apply.

For VESI personnel registered in ESIworker, training records will be updated at completion of training and can be accessed in the “onsite mobile” app on your tablet, PC or smart phone, using your personal login.